Old Settlers Park: Round Rock’s Flagship Mega Park

Nestled in the heart of Round Rock, Texas, Old Settlers Park is an expansive recreational haven that caters to a variety of outdoor interests and activities.

Ranked as the city’s flagship park, this 640-plus acre oasis offers an array of amenities, from sports facilities and picnic areas to playgrounds and nature trails.

The blend of natural beauty and well-planned facilities makes it an inviting place for both residents and visitors seeking an outdoor escape within the bustling cityscape.

Expanding over the years to meet the growing needs of the community, Old Settlers Park has become a central hub for sports and leisure, hosting regular community events and tournaments.

The park’s extensive trails and open spaces complement the diverse sport complexes, providing visitors with the opportunity to engage in their favorite activities or simply unwind.

Whether you’re looking to participate in a competitive sport or enjoy a peaceful afternoon fishing by the lake, Old Settlers Park presents a perfect backdrop for a wide range of recreational pursuits.

Key Takeaways

  • Old Settlers Park is a vast recreational space offering diverse amenities in Round Rock, Texas.
  • The park has evolved to include a wide range of facilities for sports, leisure, and community events.
  • Has 2 football fields, a 5-field softball complex, 7 soccer fields, 20 additional baseball fields, and a disc golf course.
  • Accessible and well-maintained, it serves as a go-to destination for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  • Houses the Rock N River waterpark within its bounds.
Old Settlers Park Round Rock's Flagship Mega Park

History and Development

Old Settlers Park in Round Rock represents a significant piece in both the city’s heritage and its growth. As you explore its roots, you’ll discover a history intertwined with community development and recreational evolution.

Establishment of Old Settlers Park

Old Settlers Park began as a large expanse of land dedicated to serving the City of Round Rock.

With an initial size of over 640 acres, the park was designed for public use, catalyzing both social and economic development in the region.

The park’s creation was closely tied with Round Rock’s aim to enhance the quality of life for its residents and to attract visitors as part of a broader tourism campaign.

Old Settlers Park in Round Rock represents a significant piece in both the city's heritage and its growth

Old Settlers Park Over the Years

Over time, Old Settlers Park has flourished into an acclaimed venue, continuously expanding its facilities to include a plethora of sports fields and courts.

It has contributed to Round Rock’s reputation as a destination for youth and amateur sports.

This expansion has not only fostered community engagement but also reinforced Round Rock’s economic vitality by drawing in regional tournaments and events, contributing to the city’s overall growth and touristic appeal.

Park Amenities and Features

In the heart of the park lies the impressive 20-field baseball complex and 5-field softball complex

At Old Settlers Park, you’ll find a variety of amenities tailored to a multitude of sports and recreational activities, ensuring that visitors of all ages have a pleasant and engaging experience.

Baseball and Softball Complexes

In the heart of the park lies the impressive 20-field baseball complex and 5-field softball complex, offering you high-quality facilities for league play, tournaments, and casual games.

Soccer and Football Fields

The park boasts several regulation-size soccer fields that double as football fields, providing you with ample space to engage in your favorite team sports.

Tennis and Volleyball Courts

For tennis enthusiasts, there are well-maintained tennis courts, while for group fun, you can enjoy sandy volleyball courts, both set up for you to enjoy some friendly competition.

Playgrounds and Picnic Areas

Playgrounds equipped with slides and safe play equipment offer your kids endless fun, and nearby picnic areas with barbeque grills allow for a relaxing day out for the whole family.

Trails and Pavilions

Meander along 3.13 miles of trail, perfect for walking or biking, and rest at one of the pavilions, a serene spot for gatherings or simply a break from the sun.

Special Event and Festival Areas

The park’s spacious festival area is designed to host various events, ensuring you have the ideal setting for memorable experiences throughout the year.

The park's spacious festival area is designed to host various events

Cricket and Disc Golf Facilities

Your sports options are rounded out with facilities for cricket and a challenging disc golf course, catering to fans of these growing sports.

Lakes and Fishing Opportunities

Bright Lake offers a peaceful fishing spot stocked with fish. You’re encouraged to bring your gear and enjoy a day at the lake.

Memorial Tree Groves and Other Attractions

Discover the quietude of the memorial tree groves, a place for reflection and remembrance, among the park’s other natural and curated attractions.

Rock ‘N River Water Park

There is also an outdoor water park within the bounds of Old Settlers. We have an article covering this awesome water attraction here, it’s called Rock ‘N River and it’s opened from late May to early September.

Recreational Activities

Old Settlers Park offers a diverse array of options to meet your recreational needs, whether you’re part of an organized sports team, looking for a place to keep up with your fitness routine, or searching for a relaxing hobby to pursue.

This park is designed to support a wide range of activities with plenty of parking space and restrooms for your convenience.

Recreational Pursuits and Hobbies

Whether you’re looking to relax or want to try something new, Old Settlers Park is the place to be. Here you can indulge in various recreational pursuits:

  • Fishing: Enjoy a quiet day by the lake with your fishing rod.
  • Horseshoes: Find one of the horseshoe pits and challenge a friend to a game.
  • Remote Control Airplanes: Vast open areas are perfect for flying remote control airplanes away from crowds.

Organized Sports and Amateur Leagues

At Old Settlers Park, you can dive into the competitive spirit with numerous amateur sports leagues. The park is a prime sports destination that hosts:

  • Baseball: A 20-field baseball complex.
  • Softball: A 5-field softball complex.
  • Soccer: Facilities with 7 soccer fields.

This variety ensures that teams of all ages have a space to practice, compete, and grow in their respective sports.

Individual and Group Fitness

Your fitness regimen finds its home at Old Settlers Park, where you can engage in both individual and group fitness activities. There are:

  • Trails: Over 3 miles of trail for running, jogging, or walking.
  • Open spaces: Large, open areas ideal for yoga, tai chi, or boot camp style workouts.

The accessibility and variety support your health and well-being goals in a natural and welcoming environment.

Park Facilities and Services

Old Settlers Park offers a variety of facilities and services to ensure your visit is enjoyable and comfortable.

You’ll find plenty of parking options, accessible rental facilities for gatherings, and well-maintained restrooms and concession stands throughout the park.

Old Settlers Park offers a variety of facilities and services to ensure your visit is enjoyable and comfortable.

Parking and Accessibility

Old Settlers Park provides ample parking spaces for visitors, ensuring a smooth and convenient park experience.

Accessible parking is available, making the park easily navigable for everyone, regardless of mobility concerns.

Rental Facilities and Reservation Information

For events and gatherings, Old Settlers Park boasts rental facilities such as Lakeview Pavilion and Rabb Pavilion.

To reserve a pavilion, you can contact the Parks and Recreation Main Office at 512-218-5540 for availability and detailed information.

Old Settlers Park boasts rental facilities such as Lakeview Pavilion and Rabb Pavilion.

Restroom and Concession Availability

Your comfort is a priority at Old Settlers Park.

Restrooms are strategically placed throughout the park for your convenience. In addition, concession stands are available to provide refreshments and snacks during your visit.

Park Management and Regulations

Old Settlers Park, recognized as the crown jewel of the City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department

Old Settlers Park, recognized as the crown jewel of the City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department, offers diverse recreational activities and is managed in accordance with specific rules to ensure a positive experience for all visitors.

The department works diligently to oversee the park’s extensive amenities, while Texas Parks and Wildlife provides guidelines that are adhered to for the benefit of the local ecosystem, including the management of fish species such as bass, catfish, and perch.

Parks and Recreation Department

The City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the management and upkeep of Old Settlers Park.

The department ensures that all facilities, including sports fields and recreational areas, are well-maintained for your enjoyment.

You can find information about program registration and park updates on the department’s official website.

Park Rules and Regulations

Adhering to park rules and regulations is crucial for maintaining Old Settlers Park’s integrity and safety. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Open Hours: The park is open to the public from dawn until 11 PM.
  • Fishing: Follow Texas Parks and Wildlife hunting and fishing rules; a fishing license is required to fish in park waters.
  • Sports Fields: Usage is typically first-come, first-served, unless reserved in advance for league or tournament play.

Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Wildlife conservation is a priority at Old Settlers Park.

By cooperating with the Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations, the park promotes healthy fish populations of bass, catfish, and perch in the water bodies.

As part of these conservation efforts, you are encouraged to practice catch and release and report any sightings of injured wildlife to park authorities.

Community Events and Tournaments

Old Settlers Park is a vibrant hub for a variety of sporting, cultural, and community events throughout the year. Whether you’re a passionate athlete or a culture enthusiast, you’ll find a rich calendar filled with activities that cater to your interests.

Sports Tournaments

Old Settlers Park boasts a remarkable range of facilities capable of hosting major sports tournaments.

Your competitive spirit will find its home on one of the 20 soccer fields, where local and regional teams clash in exciting matches.

For softball enthusiasts, the park offers tournaments played across a 5-field softball complex that frequently roars with the cheers of spectators.

Cross country meets also find an ideal venue here, taking full advantage of the park’s sprawling acreage.

Cultural Festivals and Gatherings

In addition to athletic competitions, you can immerse yourself in the community’s cultural fabric during the various festivals and gatherings held at the park.

These events bring together the rich traditions and camaraderie of Round Rock, offering an opportunity for you and your family to revel in collective celebrations and make lasting memories.

Special Events Calendar

Mark your calendars for the range of special events that Old Settlers Park is known for hosting.

A standout in the event lineup is a co-ed sand volleyball tournament, engaging participants in a spirited display of sportsmanship and fun under the sun.

The park’s versatile event spaces also accommodate events beyond sports, ensuring that there’s always something upcoming for everyone in the community to enjoy.

For an up-to-date schedule, make sure to check the Old Settlers Park events calendar.

Visitor Information

When planning your visit to Old Settlers Park, you’ll find a wealth of activities and facilities at your disposal. This section provides essential information to help you make the most of your time at this premier park located in Round Rock, TX.

Operating Hours and Seasons

Old Settlers Park is accessible to the public year-round.

Specific Operating Hours for different facilities within the park may vary, so it’s wise to check in advance.

Generally, the park is open from sunrise to sunset. During sports seasons and special events, some areas may have extended hours of operation.

Location and Getting There


Old Settlers Park
3300 E Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78665

To get to Old Settlers Park, simply navigate to the address listed above or use your preferred maps application to guide you directly to the park’s entrance.

The park is well-signposted and easy to locate.

Amenity Map and Guides

Your experience at Old Settlers Park can be enhanced by using the available Amenity Map. You’ll find:

  • Detailed maps of sports complexes
  • Locations of picnic areas and pavilions
  • Trails and park features

For the latest information or to view and download a map, visit the City of Round Rock’s Old Settlers Park page before your visit. They provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate and enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Old Settlers Park offers a variety of facilities and events that cater to all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for recreational activities or curious about the park’s amenities and event schedules, the following subsections provide valuable information to enhance your visit.

Old Settlers Park offers a variety of facilities and events that cater to all ages and interests

What types of events are held at Old Settlers Park throughout the year?

Old Settlers Park is a hub for numerous events including sports tournaments, community festivals, and holiday celebrations. One of the more notable events held here (our favorite!) is the annual 4th of July celebration, it’s absolutely huge and a must for new residents to experience!

Are there any special activities at Old Settlers Park during Halloween?

During Halloween, Old Settlers Park typically hosts themed activities, which often include haunted trails and costume contests for visitors to enjoy a spooky and fun-filled time.

What amenities are available at the Old Settlers Park playground?

Old Settlers Park playground offers modern play structures suitable for children of various ages, picnic areas for families, and shaded spots for relaxation. The play areas are designed for safe and engaging playtime.

How long is the trail in Old Settlers Park, and what is its difficulty level?

The trail at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas, is a 1.7-mile loop that is generally considered easy and takes about 32 minutes to complete. Ideal for walking, jogging, and cycling, this family-friendly, mostly shaded trail runs parallel to a river through a scenic forest and provides access to the park’s other amenities, including recreational fields and a playground.

Does Old Settlers Park have designated soccer fields, and are they available for public use?

Yes, Old Settlers Park includes designated soccer fields that are available for public use, recreational play, and organized sports. The fields are well-maintained and regularly used for soccer practices and matches.

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