The Dell Diamond in Round Rock: A Baseball & Entertainment Gem

The Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas, is more than a ballpark—it’s the heart of community spirit and baseball excitement. As the proud home of the Round Rock Express, the Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, this stadium has become synonymous with top-tier Minor League Baseball and local enthusiasm since its doors opened.

Offering more than just the crack of the bat and the cheer of the crowds, Dell Diamond is a haven of amenities designed to enhance the spectator experience for every age group. From the roar of the crowd to the dance of the mascot, every game is an invitation to join in the collective joy of the sport.

Beyond the nine innings, Dell Diamond serves as a vibrant gathering place, hosting a variety of events that knit the fabric of the community tighter. Whether it’s a concert, a festival, or a family night, the stadium is a beacon for entertainment.

Nestled in an area that once waved with grain, the stadium stands as a testament to Round Rock’s dynamic evolution—a balance of honoring tradition while embracing the future. It’s a locale where each game is a chapter in the story of the city, and every home run is a shared triumph. Here, at Dell Diamond, the spirit of baseball is alive and thriving, and every visit promises new memories in the making.

Key Takeaways

  • Dell Diamond serves as the proud home of the Round Rock Express, a Triple-A affiliate.
  • The stadium hosts a wide variety of features and events catered to fan enjoyment and community involvement.
  • Situated in the heart of Round Rock, the site blends baseball tradition with the city’s growth and development.
The Dell Diamond in Round Rock A Baseball & Entertainment Gem

History And Ownership

In exploring the history and ownership of Dell Diamond, you’ll find it entrenched in a family legacy and city collaboration. This story involves notable figures such as former MLB pitcher Nolan Ryan, his son Reid Ryan, and the Ryan Sanders Baseball group.

Founding of Dell Diamond

Dell Diamond emerged from a vision shared by Nolan Ryan and his son, Reid Ryan. Initially, they desired a stadium within Austin but chose a site in Round Rock due to strong support from local leadership.

The completion of this stadium in 2000 was significantly aided by a contribution of $7.35 million from the City of Round Rock. Detailed insights strengthen the understanding of this collaboration Dell Diamond – Wikipedia.

Founding of Dell Diamond

Ownership and Management

Ownership of Dell Diamond and the Round Rock Express is under the banner of Ryan Sanders Baseball, a partnership showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of Nolan Ryan, his family, and Don Sanders.

The management reflects a commitment to baseball and community, setting a standard for minor league operations. The Round Rock Express stands as a testament to their success, with a history of robust attendance figures and affiliations with significant league franchises.

Teams And Affiliations

When you explore the world of baseball in Round Rock, you’ll find that Dell Diamond is synonymous with the Round Rock Express. This team has established legacy partnerships with major league connections that are integral to the fabric of minor league baseball.

Round Rock Express

The Round Rock Express is your local team, proudly playing as the Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. This partnership showcases the talent that feeds into the major leagues, with aspiring players often taking their big leap from here to the Texas Rangers themselves.

Dell Diamond offers an array of features designed to enhance your experience at the ballpark

League Participation

Illuminating the competitive spirit of the sport, the Round Rock Express participates in the Pacific Coast League of Minor League Baseball.

Previously, they were a part of the Double-A Texas League, reflecting their dynamic progression within the minor leagues, always aiming for the pinnacle of their game.

Stadium Features

Dell Diamond offers an array of features designed to enhance your experience at the ballpark. From comfortable seating to interactive zones, each aspect enhances your enjoyment of the game and the venue.

Seating and Fan Comfort

Your comfort is a priority at Dell Diamond, with the thoughtful layout of the stadium seating ensuring a good view of the action from every angle.

Seats are designed to maximize space and sightlines to home plate, so you won’t miss a single pitch or hit.

Home Run Dugout and Fun Zone

Looking for a unique experience? The Home Run Dugout is an innovative batting cage that offers a blend of technology and baseball.

Meanwhile, the Fun Zone features kid-friendly attractions, keeping the whole family entertained beyond the innings.

Conference Center

Whether it’s a business meeting or a private event, the Conference Center at Dell Diamond provides a professional setting with all the amenities you need.

This versatile space overlooks the field, offering a distinctive backdrop for any occasion.

Location And Accessibility

If you’re planning a visit to the Dell Diamond, rest assured it’s both easy to find and equipped with ample facilities for your convenience.


Dell Diamond is located at 3400 East Palm Valley Boulevard, Round Rock, Texas.

This scenic venue is just a short drive from Austin and right behind Old Settler’s Park which features over 20 sports fields, placing you conveniently close to the heart of Central Texas. It’s the perfect destination for enjoying a game of baseball or any of the other numerous events that take place here.

Transport and Parking

Getting to Dell Diamond is straightforward whether you’re driving or using public transportation.

The venue boasts a dedicated parking area, ensuring you can arrive and park with ease.

  • By Car: If you’re coming from Austin, a simple drive north will lead you directly to the stadium. Detailed driving directions are readily available to make your journey smooth.
  • Public Transit: Check local transit routes for the most convenient bus lines that stop near the ballpark.

At Dell Diamond, ADA accessible parking is provided to accommodate all guests with disabilities, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Events And Economic Impact

When you experience an event at Dell Diamond in Round Rock, you’re witnessing more than just entertainment. Each game and concert has a significant ripple effect on the city’s economic well-being and community growth.

Types of Events

  • Baseball Games: Dell Diamond is home to the Round Rock Express, a Minor League Baseball team affiliated with the Texas Rangers. Imagine the roar of the crowd during a close game or the excitement of a family enjoying fireworks after a win—these are staples at the ballpark.
  • Concerts and Festivals: The venue isn’t limited to sports; it’s a cultural hub featuring live music and community festivals, bringing diverse crowds and unique experiences to Round Rock.

Community and Economic Influence

  • Boost to Local Businesses: Every event held at Dell Diamond encourages tourism and stimulates local commerce, from hotels seeing more guests to restaurants serving more meals.
  • Jobs and Opportunities: The stadium supports jobs in the region, directly within the facility, and indirectly through associated services needed during events.

Honors And Notable Games

Dell Diamond has seen numerous accolades and momentous games, encapsulating the essence of Minor League Baseball. You’ll discover an array of achievements and some of the most memorable matchups that have taken place here.

Dell Diamond has seen numerous accolades and momentous games


Dell Diamond has been a stage for future stars, with All-Stars often honing their skills in these grounds. The ballpark has received praise not only for its well-maintained field and fan-friendly atmosphere but also for playing a pivotal role in the development of players who have graced Major League Baseball.

  • 2000: Opened to a fanfare, marking a new era for Round Rock and baseball in the area.
  • 2011, 2013, 2019: Hosted the Triple-A All-Star Game, showcasing top participants who would go on to shine in the majors.

Memorable Matches

When talking about memorable matches, there’s no shortage of excitement at Dell Diamond. From nail-biting finishes to historical performances, here’s what stands out:

  • April 16, 2000: The inaugural game at Dell Diamond, a monumental moment for Round Rock Express.
  • July 13, 2011: The park featured future Major League stars during the Triple-A All-Star Game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on a trip to Dell Diamond or eager to join the cheers at a Round Rock Express game? Let’s streamline your planning with essential information to enhance your ballpark visit.

What events are scheduled at Dell Diamond?

Dell Diamond is a hub of entertainment, hosting not just the thrill of baseball but also concerts and cultural festivals. For a comprehensive look at the array of upcoming events, check the Round Rock Express ballpark navigation page.

How can I purchase tickets for Dell Diamond events?

Ready to secure your spot? Tickets are a click away on the official ticket page. Whether it’s for an adrenaline-packed game or another exciting event, online purchasing is a breeze.

Where can I find the Round Rock Express game schedule?

Dive into the season’s matchups by visiting the Round Rock Express official site. You’ll find all you need—dates, opponents, and can’t-miss promotional nights.

What are the parking options at Dell Diamond?

Arriving by car? Dell Diamond provides convenient on-site parking. For current rates and details, the FAQs page is your go-to resource to stay informed about parking logistics.

What year was Dell Diamond opened?

Since opening in 2000, Dell Diamond has been a cornerstone of Central Texas’s sports and entertainment scene.

Which minor league baseball team calls Dell Diamond home?

The Round Rock Express, the proud Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, calls this stadium home. Immerse yourself in the team’s storied tradition by exploring their history.

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